About IIChE -CRC

Industrial Chemistry was being practiced in the mid 1800s, but it was not until the 1880s that the engineering elements required to control chemical processes were being recognized as a distinct professional activity. The Chemical Engineering was first established as a profession in the United Kingdom when the first Chemical Engineering course was given at the University of Manchester in 1887 by George E. Davis in the form of twelve lectures covering various aspects of industrial Chemical practice. As a consequence George E. Davis is regarded as the world’s first Chemical Bngineer. Today, Chemical Engineering is a highly regarded profession in the world.

In India, it was the foresight of the late Dr H L Roy who introduced Chemical Engineering in the Curriculum of Jadavpur University in 1921. Dr Roy was also instrumental in formation of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, a professional body which was established in 1947. The Institute has grown into a forum in which chemical engineers can exchange views and develop a common understanding about professional matters. The Institute has established Regional Centres at important places throughout the country so that practicing chemical engineers located in a particular geographical area can periodically meet, share their problems and experiences, and thus enrich knowledge.

The Chennai Regional Centre of IIChE was established by the initiative of late Prof G S Laddha, former Director AC College of Technology Anna University in late eighties. IIChE-CRC [http://iichecrc.org.in]continue to get support from CLRI, AC Tech., Anna University, IITM Chennai and other Chemical Engineering Department located Chennai region. IIChE-CRC is located at Room No.5, First Floor, ISTE Professional Centre, Anna University Staff Quarters Campus, Gandhi Mandapam Road, Chennai – 600 025.

The Chennai Regional Centre of Indian Institute Of Chemical Engineers [IIChE-CRC] covers Chennai, Kanchipuram and Thiruvalluar revenue districts includes the important chemical industries located at Chennai, Cuddalore, Kanchipuram etc. At present there are about 400 corporate members, and 150 members of the Institute working under the jurisdiction of the center.

IIChE-CRC has been arranging invited lectures by experts from industries and academic institutions as well as organizing national level workshops and seminars. Student chapter of the center has also been active in organizing debates, quizzes, essay writing contests etc.

Besides IIChE-CRC is playing an important role in the growth of Chemical Industries in the region, by creating awareness about the latest technological developments in the field of Chemical Engineering.